Alejandro is an academic scholar. He has earned distinctions from the United States

Bureau of Education and Culture Affairs, the US Department of State. Alejandro was a Youth Coordinator for the African –Bolivian Association, Representative of the Network Unit in the Diversity and Member of the Board Directors of the Town Council of the Youth in La Paz.

His research on race and ethnicity has been translated in several essays which was been published by scholar magazines as well as international newspapers and media outlets.

His mother is Bolivian of African descent, connecting her African roots with the Ghanaian culture, and his father is Native American. Alejandro studied Social Science at the University of San Andres in La Paz, Bolivia. He is the first who attended a graduate school in his family. Alejandro recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Political Science and Peace Studies from Arcadia University in the United States. He is a Fulbright Scholar and has earned a number of awards for his civic engagement and work.

His activism has involved him as an exhibitor in national and international conferences. Alejandro has advocated and spoken publicly on Immigration, Human Rights, Natural Resources, Intercultural Property, and Development.

Alejandro first became an activist by volunteering with nonprofit organizations working on sexual diversity, reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS. He worked in television, radio, and as an editor for different local newsletters. He first volunteered for the United Nations Population Fund and later he became an independent consultant researching on different topics. Then we worked for the Bolivian Foundation for Multiparty Democracy, and ADESPROC- LIBERTAD. He had an internship with the Peace and Culture section in the American Embassy in Laz Paz, Bolivia. In his experience as a researcher Alejandro has publications on Culture, Gender Identity, Masculinity, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, and Health Care.

He is the first one who attended a graduate school in his family.

As academic, Alejandro has taken coursework and field trip studies to Northern Ireland, Ghana, Kosovo, Colombia and Bolivia.

His work has involved him as an exhibitor in national and international conferences on Migration, Leadership, Youth, Masculinities, Environmental, Violence, Discrimination, Politics, Human Rights and Development. Recently, Alejandro has been writing for different blogs such as “We of the Saya”, “Somos Afrobolivianos”, “Cultura Now” and “AFROSAYA”.

Currently he works producing his own podcast “AFROSAYA”.